A few times a year, several congregations head out to serve non-profits and others around our city being the hands and feet of Christ. The Big Serve is a great reminder that we are to be the Church, not attend it. We love that God gave us a vision that this was to be a “Big C Church” event and now has multiple congregations joining hands serving New Braunfels in unity. We pray the city of New Braunfels will see us, the body of Christ, being the hands and feet of Jesus on a consistent basis.

Why on a Sunday? We want to remind ourselves that a Sunday corporate gathering, though important, is not the end-all in being the Church, so we intentionally serve during our weekly Sunday gathering.

This is our culture and it has affected our family as individuals and those we serve. We have the same hope for churches that join us.

When is The Big Serve?
We serve on the second Sunday of September from 9:30-12 (some times vary based on requests of those we’re serving). A second service day is some time scheduled in the spring.

Where do we serve during The Big Serve?
Many non-profits around town have heard about the Big Serve and ask for assistance, so each time we serve we have a different variety of needs and locations. Some are non-profits (Crisis Center of Comal County, Connections, Salvation Army, etc) and some at individual homes in need (as directed by the Senior Center).

What types of projects will we do?
Any assortment of things! Yard work, making homeless mats, gardening, replacing carpet, painting, organizing donations, cleaning, washing out dog pens- a wide variety of work. We try to have a variety of jobs as we know the church has a variety of abilities and talents.





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