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  • BIG SERVE WEEKEND - Pink Warrior Warrior Mastectomy Pillow Project

BIG SERVE WEEKEND - Pink Warrior Warrior Mastectomy Pillow Project

Date & Time:

Sunday, October 9, 2022
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


9 have signed up & 11 openings remain.

Project Leaders:

Allura Williams


Pink Warrior Advocates is focused on providing direct support to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We believe in creating a sense of community of Advocates to guide our Warriors through their journeys. We act on what we have experienced in our own personal battles with breast cancer by providing resources, financial assistance, and most importantly, emotional support.

About our CAREKIT PROGRAM:    Our care kits contain hand-picked, paraben-free items that will help our Warriors cope with side effects faced during chemotherapy. We hope these beautiful kits will help lift their spirits and bring a little joy to their day. 

We are so grateful to our volunteers for donating their time to create these beautiful heart-shaped pillows and drain bags. The heart-shaped pillows help provide a cushion between the seatbelt and their chest post-surgery while also providing a way to elevate their arm for more comfort. The drain bag provides a convenient and comfortable way to cope with the discomfort of JP drains, giving them a place to safely place them without worry. These are included in the care kit when a mastectomy is a part of the warriors treatment plan. 

BIG SERVE VOLUNTEER NEED:    Our ask this October is the help of cutting fabric for our mastectomy pillows. If you can sew, please email us so we can talk to you about that.

Pattern, fabric, and scissors provided.

*if you would like to donate fabric to this program, please do!

Questions? allura@pinkwarrioradvocates.org

More info: https://www.pinkwarrioradvocates.org/

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